Stoic Week 2014

Vou participar pela primeira vez da Stoic Week. Convido-te a participar também. Veja os detalhes abaixo.


“Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that Stoic Week 2014 will begin on 24th November this year.  Last year over 2,400 people participated in Stoic Week, by trying to adopt Stoic practices in their daily lives for one week.  We also had over 120,000 hits on the Stoicism Today website, mainly from all the media coverage.

Stoic Week is an international, and mainly online, series of events, organised by the Stoicism Today team, who are led by Prof. Chris Gill at Exeter university.  The team consist of academic philosophers, classicists and psychological therapists (like myself) with a special interest in adapting Stoic concepts and techniques to the challenges of modern living.  Please see the official university of Exeter blog below for more information:

Stoicism Today

We’re hoping this year even more people will get involved.  Please get in touch in advance if you want to share your thoughts on the blog during Stoic Week or have an existing article you’d like us to repost.  You can also find out more by following us on social media:

Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating in any way.  We appreciate everyone’s help and support and look forward to hearing from you all again in the lead up to this November’s events.


Donald Robertson”



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