Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the operation of this site, please read the explanations below, they are in a “question and answer” format. For questions about me, visit the Interview Answers.

How may I be notified of changes on this site?
If you desire to be notified of new post on the news or blog sections, use feeds. Visit the page with the list of feeds for this site or read the WordPress’ documentation. If you desire to be notified about changes on other pages, I suggest you use this software (or similar).

Which language has priority?
Submissions to the “news” and “blog” sections will not necessarily be available in all languages. I will make efforts to translate the other pages, but the Portuguese language will be considered primary for the moment, so that in case of contradiction, the information in that language should be considered, despite the information in other languages.

What will happen to this site when its author die?
I scheduled a submission to the news section to alert readers if I disappear or die. From time to time I update the date scheduled for posting to postpone it. If for some reason I do not postpone the date, then the submission will become public. After that news become public, assuming that I actually died or disappeared, I will no longer be in a position to add funds to my hosting account and renew control of the domain. As a result, this site will no longer be accessible when my hosting credits expire or when my domain ownership expires. I can not provide updated estimates of how long after my death this site will become unavailable.

Is the owner of this site the author of all the intellectual works presented in it?
No, by default the author of this site does not claim to be the author of any intellectual property element presented here. Except where there is clear indication of authorship, the authorship of any content made available here should be considered as “undisclosed”. The owner will attempt, as far as his resources and priorities allow, to indicate the authorship of all the elements presented, but he does not offer any guarantee that he will do so for all elements of intellectual property.

If it is in your interest to use a page of this site to evaluate the owner and if you are in doubt as to whether any specific element was created autonomously by the owner, ask a question and the owner will respond to you to clarify if he is the author of the item.

Do you get paid to write?
No one pays me to write my blogs or to say particular things in it. That includes all forms of compensation, including offering me lunch or telling me that I look like I’ve lost some weight. I don’t run ads, no one pays me under the table, and I don’t sell t-shirts or coffee mugs. I don’t invest in companies, so I’ve got nothing to tout except the companies and people I’m enthusiastic about. So, what the hell am spending so much damn time blogging for? Now you’ve got me all depressed.

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