How am I?

If you want an honest answer to the question “How are you?”, read this personal summary of how I see my current situation.

Self-esteem: high.
Finance: very well organized with monthly budgets. No debt for consumption. Pre-approved credit sufficient only to cover emergencies and is not suitable for investments.
Savings: low.
Housing: does not belong to me. It is okayish, but is depreciating faster than my financial capacity allows to cover the damages. In the near future, I may be dumped.
Food intake: great.
Security: my freedom is suppressed by the state apparatus. My tangible assets are exposed to any determined aggressor and protected from casual opportunists. My property is secure against most conceivable natural disasters. My digital assets are well protected through encryption and backup.
Health: good. Surgical intervention may functionally improve my body, but it is not urgently needed.
Interpersonal relationships: loved ones are geographically distant, and our only possible contact is by electronic means. I am open to new contacts.

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