Companion for Women

What is a companion?

This question should be: “What do you, as a woman, require me to be?”. My role is versatile and able to satisfy your company wishes so that you feel safe, comfortable and able to enjoy your time with a conscious man.

About me

I am a “no frills” guy. I will express myself honestly and say what I see in the way I see it. I enjoy intellectual conversations. My way of living is: any peaceful activity is valid.

How does this work?

The focus of this is on you and the pleasure I get from enriching your life, so whatever you have the passion to do is what is important. There is no hard way about how this has to occur. We can schedule something for a day, a week, a month or for eternity.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the contract we will make and I am always happy to be generous.

What can a companion do for you?

A companion is a partner for a woman who needs a versatile and capable man. It can help meet any need, from keeping an eye on children during a trip to make sure no one drowns on the pool to simply changing a light bulb. He may approach you just to talk and listen. Your companion can carry the bags from the market, take care of physical work around the house, also, you may have a to-do list for him. He can travel with you and/or drive for you. With him, you can feel as secure as with an exclusive love partner. Maybe he can help you with your business, or if you are in a difficult time of your life, he can offer you guidance and advice. If you have a passion for humanitarian work, he can give you a hand in your project. A companion and you may have a lot in common, so the sky is the limit. Imagine how much someone with a similar worldview can improve your life, not only that, but both would have opportunities to grow as humans. A courteous and civilized treatment is what you can expect from a companion. He has a good imagination and always finds a way to make you feel good. Your partner has the ability to organize a dinner and act as your partner, being present to entertain and serve the guests or leaving you alone to enjoy the moment with them. By being confident and complete in himself, he will always respect your personal boundaries and leave you room while giving you the opportunity to request him at any time.

To fulfill your desires now, contact me.

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