Reproductive and Parenting Rights

I don’t want to contribute to the overpopulation problem, but I also don’t want human reproduction to fully stop. I favor a market approach to prevent the ultimate tragedy of commons.

There are no concrete systems in place for that, but we can make one arise and lead by example. If we fail, others will learn from our mistakes and hopefully do better when their turn come.

I am willing to sell my reproductive rights and refrain from procreation. Alternatively, if that does not happen and I somehow become a parent, I am also willing to sell parenting rights, so that you, buyer, may also be a parent to my child.

I hope to cater to two different audiences:

1. those who want to have more children than they are entitled to (if they voluntarily choose to play along any of the many existing proposals for frameworks that try to prevent the ultimate tragedy of commons by using markets).

2. those who think a communal approach works better as a way of raising children. (“It takes a village.”)

There may even be a clash between these two audiences. Which one of them is willing to pay more? Money may not be enough to settle that dispute. I am going to consider the best interest of the child and that requires that I consider all the aspects surrounding its future. Prepare your arguments and send them to me.

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