General Policies

Contract Policy

I use the theoretical framework of free market capitalism to decide how I integrate my efforts to the social fabric of production. Therefore, contracts are supreme, value will be exchanged for value and violence will be counterattacked.

My strategy of cooperation makes use mainly of the algorithms: “eye for an eye”, “treason for treason”, “forgiveness after reparation of damages”, “mutual assured destruction”.

Negotiation Policy

I recognize two types of negotiation: the competitive and the cooperative. Sudden changes between these two positions will not go unnoticed.

In a context of competitive negotiation, I am prepared to use brinkmanship.

In a context of cooperative negotiation, I demand transparency and full access to relevant data, as well as support for me to directly verify the validity of common premises.

I have moderate aversion to unequal distribution of profits when the parties are exposed to the same level of risk, so I would rather refrain from cooperating if the only alternative were an unfair division. I’m not suicidal, but I imagine that my aversion might make me die of hunger/thirst if, for bad luck, I am exposed to a set of conditions that put me in a deadlock. If I get stuck in a deadlock, I may decide to commit rational suicide (agathusia) as to advance something inevitable and, in the process, save as much resources as possible to my successor.

Pricing Policy

I adopt “price discrimination” strategies. The better I know you, the better adjusted my price will be to your purchasing power. This may prove to be an advantage or a disadvantage for you.

Receivables Policy

I prefer to be paid at sight and with goods of fast liquidation (money), or with other goods/services that I desire, or with representative money backed by goods or with electronic transfer of funds, in order of preference. I prefer representative money minted by banks that do not use fractional reserves and that aren’t part of a financial system controlled by a central bank.

Credit Policy

I desire to avoid as much as possible providing credit without involving a collateral that can be redeemed in case of non-payment. If you do not have something valuable to substantiate your claim that you’ll have enough to pay me, probably I will not give you credit.

Scheduling Policy

Consult my free/busy list before proposing a time for one of our rendezvous. Pick an adequate time interval and inform me about it when you contact me.

Cancellation Policy

If a service contract offers the possibility of cancellation, it must be made up to 48 hours (two working days) before the start of the scheduled event. Note that if you need to cancel a schedule for a Monday, the cancellation needs to be done on the previous Thursday. You will be charged for lost appointments because of your non-attendance or appointments that are canceled without proper notice.

Time slots are valuable, so notification in advance of any cancellations is greatly appreciated.

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