Legal System

Due to the monopoly obtained by coercion of the state courts in the place where I live, I use primarily the Brazilian legal system.

Personally, I do not ratify some laws of the Brazilian legal system because I am not convinced that they are effective for the good society to flourish – e.g. laws of image protection, right to honor, property must attend their social function, taxes, patents, economic intervention, monetary intervention, monopolized public services, compulsory military enlistment, disarmament, marriage, abortion prohibition, drug prohibition, compulsory alimony, et cetera. As they have the guns and I do not, for the time being, I am forced to take such laws into account while acting.

Private contracts will be considered of paramount importance. I am open to the possibility of using private arbitration systems.

A complete description of how I feel about the local government and any coercive government can be read here.

List of lawsuits initiated by me against others, grouped by court: (Portuguese only)

Justiça Federal em Alagoas

Tribunal de Justiça de Alagoas

  • 0000920-48.2014.8.02.0358

List of lawsuits initiated by others against me, grouped by court: (Portuguese only)


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