List of languages ​​known and used by me.

Keep in mind that a language is a means, not an end. An increment in the mastery of a language has a cost. Since labor is a dis-utility, no effort will be expended to acquire greater mastery of a language if there is no expectation of future satisfaction of an unmet need in the present.

Human-Human Interface Languages​​

I use dialects of Portuguese and English. I am not interested in the universal standardization of language, let the free market decide the value of each construct.

I prefer not to use body language if it is possible to use sounds and/or writing. I prefer to write a lot to write little, unless writing little is enough. I’d rather write than talk. I’d rather write a lot than talk a little, except if talking a little is enough. I prefer asynchronous to synchronous communication.

List of my courses and certificates:

  • 2 Periods of English Language Course on CCAA
    • February to December 2011
    • Anglo American Culture Institute of Arapiraca Ltda.
    • Certificate

Electronic/Computer Languages​

I use only a few electronic communication protocols (and associated services). Mainly: Internet Relay Chat, SMTP, POP, IMAP, OpenVPN, SIP, Skype, RSS, HTTP, FTP, SSH, Brazilian Telephony Network and others.

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