Interview Answers

Below I offer my answer to questions frequently asked by interviewers or to questions that may help better communicate my abilities.

Q. Without using the terms “challenges” or “interesting”, tell us what you expect to develop in your career in the coming months (or years) not only in technical terms but also personal goals, work environment that you search for, etc.

My personal long-term goal is to ensure that mankind continues to exist and that this is a happy existence. To achieve this, I do not need to do grandiose works, I believe that small advances are sufficient. Improving the efficiency of existing products or creating products that meet consumer demand are some ways to do that.

The technical work environment I want is something like described here. In terms of human factors, I want to work in a cooperative where all those involved are risking a piece of themselves and therefore have a sense of urgency that will generate incentives for them to work the best they can.

Q. Tell us a little about your knowledge and experience with agile methodologies.

I have no experience with these methodologies, but I am willing to learn. I read very good compliments on them, including in the book “Coders at Work”, although several of the illustrious interviewees also, like me, had no experience with these methodologies and yet they did great works.

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